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Dishwasher repair & installation

Blocked drains, water supply issues, and electrical problems. If your dishes aren't coming out clean, we have solutions for you! Ask about our tips and tricks for dishwasher excellence!




​Microwave repair & installation

Specifically over-the-range models. If you can't nuke your dinner, give us a call!




​Washing Machine Repair

From transmission issues, to failed water valves, and everything in between. Both top loading and front loading models.




Oven repair

Including wall ovens, built-in counter top ranges, and stand-alone units. No heat? No problem.

Refrigerator repair

Not cooling? Leaking water? Not defrosting properly? We take care of all makes and models, from big French door units, to small wine coolers.




​Freezer repair

Chest freezers, and uprights. When your freezer quits working, we've got you covered.




Dryer repair and maintenance

No heat? Thumping? Squealing? Not doing much of anything?We'll get your dryer back on track!



Additional services

Preventative dryer vent cleaning, appliance removal and recycling. If it's related to appliance repair, we probably do it.

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